How to start a career in digital marketing with no experience

by | Jul 22, 2021

If you want to start your own business with less investment or if you want to do a job or if you want to be a freelancer then digital marketing is the career you can choose to depend on.

Digital marketing is the only career where you can learn and practice what you have learned without any permission/license from government or from any other authorities.

The best part is you can start a career in digital marketing along with your main profession (job).

You can even switch your career into digital marketing if you are doing great in this along with your job.

Still many people get confused whether they should enter into this field or not because they think this field will require a lot of technical knowledge. It’s not true but yes it requires some sort of technical skill but that can be learned easily and can also be practiced. Practice can help you to learn technical things easily.

Now, you might say how can I practice digital marketing?

Well, the answer is simple: You can start your own blog/website where you can write contents related to your niche, you can do marketing of your content using social media organically or inorganically such as facebook ads and google ads, you can write SEO based articles on your blog so that your blog can be seen on the first page of google, you can generate leads by giving away lead magnet such as free EBook, Blueprint, taking free webinar etc, then after generating leads you can nurture those leads through Email marketing and finally you can close a deal on phone like closers or on print like copywriters to sell your or others products or services.

In this way you can get into digital marketing without any previous experience.

So I hope you got to know the basic picture of how you can learn and practice digital marketing from the above paragraph so that you can search for a good job or start freelancing or make your own product and sell.

To be a complete digital marketer you need at least the basics of every stream of digital marketing. You should first become a generalist before becoming a specialist.

Just like doctors they first become general doctors before they go into different streams to become specialists such as brain surgeon, ENT, dentist, Physician etc.

So skills you should have to become a digital marketer.

  1. Basic understanding of how to make a wordpress website.

You should know how to make a simple website. Digital marketing is not a theoretical concept, but it’s highly measurable and practical. So your own website will be the place where you can practice digital marketing without anyone’s permission.

Having your own website will not only help you in learning and practicing digital marketing but you can also show your website to the employers or clients so that they can trust you and you can get a good job or client for providing freelancing service.

You can learn how to make a website by watching youtube videos, or you can even do a course of website making.

  1. Write content/blog on your website

Writing content and doing content marketing is the best way to build your own personal brand online.

People will know who you are through your contents.

Strangers will become friends, friends into clients and clients into fans because of good content marketing.

To be a good digital marketer you will need to be a good content writer and marketer.

So write content which provides value to the readers which solves problems of the readers.

  1. Put your feet in SEO

SEO is important to rank your website on the first page of google. SEO alone is a very vast topic as I said you can become a specialist in SEO. But you should do basic things in SEO to start with.

Such as writing title and meta description, how to get backlinks, keywords research.

It can be the best approach to SEO for beginners.

  1. Learn how to generate leads for B2B and B2C

Lead generation is an important part of digital marketing because if you have leads then you can sell your or others product or service to them through email marketing. 

Leads means having the name, email address and phone number (optional) of the person who has downloaded your free stuff such as ebook, blueprint, webinar recording etc. 

You can generate leads for your own business or you can provide this as a service to your clients. 

Clients will get happy if you can help them in generating leads because getting leads consistently for any business helps in growing and sustaining a business.

  1. Email marketing and copywriting

Marketing using email is still the best and cost effective way to sell products or services.

You can build relations, share your story, testimonials, provide value through writing emails.

People will not buy your product easily at first glance so it is important to build a good relationship with them through emails.

Copywriting will help you in writing emails and other marketing materials such as sales pages, landing pages etc.

Copywriting is one of the high income skills you can learn and practice and give as a service to clients.

  1. Social media organic marketing

Social media has become a hub for businesses to showcase their products or services easily without any investment.

You can do content marketing on social media for your business and you can build genuine followers which can become your customer in future.

  1. Facebook ads and Google ads

Earlier we used to rely on TV, Billboards, and radio for advertising which was very costly and not affordable for small businesses. 

But now you can run ads as per your budget on platforms such as Facebook, Google. You can generate more leads by advertising your website or landing page of a particular thing on these two platforms.

Facebook ads and google ads are again a very vast topic but you can learn basics and you can start running ads.

  1. Marketing automation and sales

Marketing automation is important to achieve freedom of time which you can use to do other important activities. 

Sales on the other hand is important to learn to close deals with clients or to sell products or services.

Now, there may be a question in your mind about how to learn these skills?

You can do an internship in a company where you can actually work with other digital marketers which will help you to gain good experience and knowledge. 

If you seriously want to learn and practice digital marketing, I recommend you definitely apply in Deepak Kanakaraju’s Digital Deepak Internship Program where you will learn and will get hands-on practice of digital marketing. He is one of the prominent digital marketers in India and the best part is you will get work (assignments) which will help in your business not in Deepak sir’s business which means you will make a website, write blog and all the other things for your own not for him unlike other internship program where you are given work of others to complete.

This internship opportunity is open for everyone no experience required and you can start your career in digital marketing easily.

So you can go for an internship or look for a job as a fresher or you can choose a mentor who can help you in learning digital marketing.

So I hope you got to know how to start a career in digital marketing with no experience.

You can also plan your financial goals accordingly with a career in digital marketing. Because digital marketing will help you in achieving your goals.